Introducing: Justin Kuek

Early Beginnings:  I started photography with a medium format Roleiflex shooting in Black and White and doing my own processing at our school darkroom, and later in our home studio. This grew into a passion - of capturing enduring images that move the viewer. 

Publications and Event Photography:  After my formal University education, I worked for a non-profit organisation and shot all of their promotional material - both in negatives and slides. This has provided us with a huge archive of images much of which records a world which no longer exists as progress has changed much of the tropical forests where these images were captured. 

Travel Photographer:  I have travelled extensively in Asia and Africa. One of the passions I have is capturing images of the people in the countries we have visited. 

Weddings: A natural progression of our photography was being asked to photograph weddings for people we know. My first wedding shoot was for good friends of ours back in 1988 in Malaysia. I am passionate in capturing images that evoke emotions, shooting with a journalistic style as well as the more traditional creative posed shots. 

Studio and Corporate Photography:  We have branched out to provide a full service - from portraiture, head-shots, and corporate shoots. We have a fully equipped, portable studio to handle the toughest assignments.